Womb Awakening For Every Woman

 Let’s journey together

I'm here to support you along your journey. 

From navigating challenges on your path, to unveiling your unique essence, and birthing your soul’s sacred desires into being. 

I currently offer two kinds of sessions:

  • One-On-One Sessions

  • Womb Awakening Mentorship

Feminine Awakening

All sessions...

All sessions are currently by Skype or Zoom. Sessions last approximately 1 h 20 minutes. 

The work I offer includes womb shamanism, energetic healing and deep dialogue, practiced in a container of love, safety, and presence. 

In our time together we may explore:

  • Womb / Hara awakening

  • Healing core wounds and past trauma

  • Support during spiritual initiations

  • Embodying your truth and living your calling

  • Sensual and sexual awakening 

  • Opening to true love and deep intimacy in your relationships and with life itself

  • Creativity — harmonizing with your cycle and expressing your creative essence

  • Sacred relationship as a spiritual path

Womb Awakening One-On-One Sessions

This is for you if…

  • you’re on a committed spiritual path

  • you’re coming into your womanhood and want support to fully birth your gifts

  • you’re ready to lean into the next edge of your soulful evolution

You’re feeling…

  • a longing to embody your sexual essence and primordial power

  • a call to connect with the feminine lineages

  • a desire to open and awaken your womb consciousness

Womb Awakening Mentorship

Are you ready to go deep and be supported?

A mentor is a an ally, a guide, and a midwife of consciousness, who holds you with love, compassion, and integrity as you walk your initiatory journey.

Womb Awakening mentorship is a rich and powerful integrative process for facilitators, healers, and teachers.

This is for you if…

  • you’re feeling called to integrate the womb mysteries in your practice

  • you’re sensing a longing to priestess yourself and others

You feel a desire to…

  • learn about healing and embodiment from a womb shamanism perspective

  • root into lineages of love that will support you in your vocation and soul work

  • discover teachings unique to feminine lineages



Womb awakening sessions

One-on-one Sessions

Exchange: $100

Together we journey to the heart of what’s happening for you. 

Womb awakening mentorship

Womb Awakening Mentorship

Exchange: $288 (three sessions)

For those who are ready to go deeper into their Womb Awakening journey and desire continued support in their unfolding. We commit to three sessions at a time (to be used within a three month period or sooner).



Sessions with Jade have allowed me to better understand my body, to forge a connection with the earth and to get in touch with feeling energy. Jade has felt like a guide on my journey. During our time together, I feel loved, relaxed and protected. Afterwards, I feel at peace and replenished. The day after our sessions is filled with positive change and synchronicity. Through our work I’ve learned how to open my heart and I now feel that I can trust life.

— Flavie

Jade was born for this. With wisdom gathered across lifetimes, it is clear the path of the Womb is her own among the many courageous souls who have carried and practiced this wisdom throughout the ages. I am full of gratitude that our paths have crossed. In her one-on-one sessions, I have felt the Initiation of the Mother, the activation of my Womb, and the healing of the Sister Union. It is a dance that has opened me up, within which the space she holds is palpable, soft, focused, and above all else, true. Her wisdom touches me at my core and is undeniably channeled from Source.

— Jasmine

Working with Jade is a magical and profound experience. Her wisdom is deep and her heart is full of unconditional love. I feel her strong presence and loving energy while working with her. She has helped me to heal and drop further into my own intuitive powers.

— Ruta

Since our last session, my gifts have been crazy strong and unexplainable. Sessions with Jade are so healing and inspiring. She’s such a beautiful, gentle and gifted soul. The epiphanies that come from working with her are truly amazing. The feedback Jade provides from being able to connect with and understand your energy provides so much clarity to feelings or questions and uncertainties we hold inside. I’ve had such a wonderful experience with her.

— Adriana

As an extremely sensitive person, trusting someone to counsel me and work with me energetically is a deeply personal choice. Jade can support me wherever I am. She allows space for me to express all that arises. Her intuition is astounding. I always feel I come out of my sessions having made significant progress.

— Sanda

Jade is a caring woman and open-minded leader. Her influence on me has been positive on all levels — emotionally, physically and mentally. I have felt touched and moved by our work together. I have awakened to the desire of developing my full potential as a Woman. Thank you, Jade, I definitely look forward to keep working with you.

— Claudia