Womb Awakening For Every Woman

Womb Awakening Workshops

Workshops typically consist of a progressive 5-hour journey or "deep dive." They include a blend of feminine teachings, guided dance and free movement, shamanic journeying, and embodied practices such as holotropic breathwork and body prayers. We also focus on community, relationship and connection with each other as an essential key and container in our healing journey.

Workshops are held with integrity and deep devotion in a safe, loving, and sacred environment. Together, we step through the temple doors, and open to meet the truth of who we are. When we gather, magic happens. We hold hands as a circle and hold a sanctuary for our healing and the blossoming of our greatest soul dreams.  Anything becomes possible, and miracles often abound. 


Upcoming Workshop:

Coming soon.

Divine Feminine Workshop

Rising Shakti: Awakening Your Feminine Power Workshop - 1/20/18

Sacred Sexuality & Feminine Archetypes Workshop - 9/4/17


Past Events

September 28, 2019 | Magdalene Womb: Rebirthing Your Sexual Power | Dallas, TX

March 30, 2019 | Womb Awakening : Embodying Your Feminine Radiance | Fort Worth, TX

August 11, 2018 | Womb Pulsing: Remembering Your Primordial Feminine Self | Dallas, TX

January 20, 2018 | Rising Shakti: Awakening Your Feminine Power | Dallas, TX

November 4, 2017 | Sacred Sexuality & Feminine Archetypes | Dallas, TX

September 2017 | Embodying Divine Woman: White River of the Feminine Light | Dallas, TX

September 2017 | Red Tent Gathering: Sacred Menstruation, Woman As A Shaman | Dallas, TX

August 2017 | Awakening Divine Woman: Red River of Shakti | Dallas, TX

July 2017 | Sacred Union: Merging with the Beloved | Dallas, TX

July 2017 | Sacred Union: Inner Marriage | Dallas, TX




I have experienced an incredible awakening of love and power since Saturday. My dragon has been spreading her wings and living from an open heart which feels just like flying. My entire body has been alive with Shakti energy and creativity is high.

— Adrienne

The journeys my husband and I experienced were magical and life changing for both of us. I had never experienced so much healing and on such a deep soul level until now. More healing took place in my first journey than in 10 years of therapy and daily work. In a profound healing moment, I felt the most Divine Motherly, angel-like presence showering myself and our group in unconditional love. I had a huge emotional release, and Jade’s genuinely loving presence by my side made me feel safe and comforted. These journeys have taught me to embrace my soul essence, speak my truth and walk in my power.

— Alicia

I had never been to anything remotely like that and had no idea what to expect, but what I found was incredible. A sister circle of loving, supportive women helped each other to connect with our wombs, allowing us to move forward in our lives feeling more purposeful, powerful, and complete. We remain connected to our wombs and to one another. Jade is an amazing guide and compassionate woman.

— Angela

Jade is an amazingly powerful and strong, soft and nurturing soul. She is the most incredible guide and educator who can take you on a journey I guarantee will be life-altering.  With an openness that is almost overwhelming, I would follow Jade anywhere, always knowing I will be met with peace and love.  I can't wait for our next ride!

— Jennifer

Each time the space is intrinsically cultivated to nurture comfort and openness in every participant. Jade shares wisdom and enlightenment around enriching relationships with our womb space. We learn about the energetic dualities within our being and ways to harmonize our inner masculine and feminine. Every gathering I have attended, I lovingly gain more awareness of myself, a deeper consciousness of my essence, and motivation to continue to heal and grow. Participating in these collective yet individual growth ceremonies has birthed a richer intimacy and understanding of my holistic being as well as nourished an openness to holding space for others' healing and growth process.

— Tyler

Jade, this was an incredibly powerful evening that touched me deeply in places long forgotten and moved me to places never seen. I am still at a loss for words... You are a magical mermaid and I cannot wait to see what this newly birthed version of myself creates... I'm being led to such powerful and transformative work both within myself and with others. You are such a huge part of that journey and are so incredibly, deeply appreciated.

— Heather

Jade is a powerful messenger of the feminine aspects of life and divinity. She combines a refreshingly active, passionate, courageous yet soft and nurturing approach to her workshops. She is a great resource to men and women on their journeys to grow and make healing connections with their femininity and overall spiritual paths.

— Brianna

The experience was awe inspiring. Never have I been in such an open, welcoming, and understanding environment, where we as women could come together and share openly our hearts and inner experience. Jade shared and listened to experiences, guiding us all gently through our own personal journeys as we explored and learned the power of our soul Shakti. Once the workshop had closed, Jade ensured we all stayed connected and created a safe space for us to communicate and maintain our sisterhood, going the extra mile for all of us. Truly, I would recommend this experience for any person looking to get in touch with their inner selves, their womanhood,  and embrace their inner Shakti.

— Amberlynn

The workshop was an incredible experience. I feel different and light in my body, relieved, at peace, and happy. It truly opened a new door for me.

— Melissa

The workshop was life-changing in the sense that I found myself in a safe container for self-reflection and story-sharing. It helped me to understand my personal strengths as a woman and how to tap into my womb’s energy for guidance. Hearing the experiences of other women was a very healing moment for me. The energy we each brought into the room was transformative.

Some of the elements I enjoyed within the workshop were:

  • learning about the red river and white river that flows within us

  • journaling my thoughts and feelings about trauma

  • telling my own story in a non-judgmental setting

  • listening to / receiving a message from our womb in the guided meditation

  • the experiential portion of the workshop, using movement for healing

— Jasmine

Jade's beautiful spirit casts rays of divine love on her healing workshops, leaving the participants feeling connected to Source and empowered on their spiritual journey.

— Nancy

Experiencing spiritual womb healing and awareness couldn't have come to me at a better time. I have waited so long to have an experience like this. It was great to laugh. grieve, cry, and dance with all of these beautiful women. It was an absolute pleasure. Beautiful experience. Again, thank you, Jade.

— Alyssa