Wells In The Feminine Traditions

Aren’t wells so magnetic and mysterious?

In the feminine traditions, wells are deeply significant. They symbolize the passageway into the Womb mysteries, into the Cosmic Womb, where the Unknowable awaits. This portal is mirrored in the female body as the Cervix, the all-seeing Womb eye of our inner Crone, who can see true reality, beyond what meets the eye of ordinary consciousness.

Photo by Nadley Doerge in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Photo by Nadley Doerge in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

My first memory of feeling fascinated with a well was watching the scene in Snow White where, surrounded by white doves, she sings her longing for true love into the well. She knows that if the well echoes her wish back to her, this love will come true.

The Well holds a deep level of feminine initiation. It’s the birth canal through which we birth, rebirth, and dissolve, or are dissolved. It requires huge trust and commitment to love to be willing to surrender to the black hole of the Well within, and to take the magnetic descent down into the secret chamber that leads into a vast, infinite space of Love and potential, which we can only begin to comprehend when we dare to meet it ourselves. This is where our mind, our wounds, and our inherited patriarchal conditioning bow down with humility to open and surrender to a greater force, its vast intelligence and the destiny it holds for us.

There are stories of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene meeting at the Well, and whether this is literal or metaphorical, this tells us of where they had journeyed as initiates, and that this deep feminine initiation through the Cosmic Womb is what allowed them to meet. The Well is where we meet our Creator/Creatrix.

At some point, we may feel magnetically called to the Inner Well, to surrender into the blackness of a mysterious inner source, a nameless place that our world has forgotten. There may come a moment in time where we are willing to let everything fall away, even our greatest fears, to meet what lives in this place.

I feel the Well holds the deepest waters of Life, the liquid love of renewal, the redeeming hidden Grail that holds all of life together.

Close your eyes, and imagine a Well deep inside of you. With your awareness, travel all the way down into the Well. What do you see?

Jade Bertaud