The Call of Womb Awakening

Womb awakening is a calling — a journey of self-discovery into the heart of life, and a coming home to union. 

Along all spiritual journeys comes a point, a sacred threshold where all externals give way to a magnetic call asking us to go inside, beckoning us to move deep within our core.

Art by Lily Moses

Art by Lily Moses

It may come in the form of a personal epiphany, a pivotal life change, a devastating loss, an illness, or a new relationship. 

It may feel like a nameless longing for something we once knew, or like being thrown into the breathtaking unknown, or maybe like an undeniable intuition that we are approaching an incredible doorway of truth. 

Like a siren’s song, a magic pulls us to look beyond the veil, beyond the illusions and masks of the world and into a mesmerizing vision. 

This is the call of Womb Awakening — alluring, enchanting, magical, indescribably real, powerful and empowering, raw, primal, brimming with beauty and a deep remembrance of home found in union. 

Along womb awakening, we journey, cycle and grow through some fundamental elements:

▽ Reclaiming our power and sexuality
▽ Healing our wounds, restoring our innocence, and opening to pure love
▽ Opening to Sacred Union
▽ Descending into embodiment
▽ Being in relationship with Earth
▽ Unveiling the feminine frequency of God 

Elements of Womb Awakening

▽ Reclaiming our power and our sexuality 

The calling of the womb is the call to reclaim our power, and to return to our very essence, to our natural state of being, so we can reimagine life from there. 

Our soul essence has been covered up with conditioning and programs from the world. As we reconnect with our womb (or hara in men), we experience a profound liberation and a return to our true self.

The voice of the womb is a voice of truth and radical honesty, unyielding in her fierce love and desire to protect and root for us, ensuring healthy boundaries and an uncompromising loyalty to our authentic being. This is the precious inner voice of wisdom that will never lead us astray and supports us in navigating all of life’s experiences, however ordinary, challenging or initiatory.

She wakes us up from our slumber to remind us of the vital call of our soul. She reminds us that we can heal anything, transform anything, and grow into the fullest expression of who we came here to be.

She is the guide to birth our sacred dreams into being. 

In the center of our womb, we rediscover our sexuality as an unparalleled and powerful force of love, the force of life itself, holding unlimited potential for creation and inseparable from the essence of who we are.

The womb is the seat of our soul Shakti, and a portal to the source of Love. 

▽ Healing our wounds, restoring our innocence, and opening to pure love

The path of the womb includes both the light and the dark. 

Within the many layers and dimensions of our soul and psyche, and as expressed by our body, our relationships, and the events in our life, we uncover our wounds in love and traumas, both personal and transgenerational as well as collective. 

Art by Linda Rowell Stevens

Art by Linda Rowell Stevens

Through shadow work, core wound exploration, and held by a safe and loving container, we can begin to open to the full truth of our pain, our grief, our hopes and dreams, and allow them to flow through, revealing suppressed and sometimes hidden parts of ourselves, including some of our greatest gifts. 

On this shamanic journey, we are invited to descend into the Underworld, where we visit the broken love stories of our past and of humanity’s collective journey. 

In our witnessing and vulnerable embrace of all we have ever felt, we are rebirthed and our primordial innocence restored. 

The womb is a chalice where our light and deepest shadows are alchemized in love.

▽ Opening to Sacred Union

Art by Natvienna Hanell

Art by Natvienna Hanell

We live and breathe from within an interconnected web of life. Yet, this is not what most of us experience. We are in the era of separation consciousness, and we have suffered many wounds of loneliness, abandonment, betrayal, and loss. 

Sacred relationship is the container that allows us to heal, to reach for love again, and to surrender into the safe embrace of another.

We are biologically and spiritually wired for union. It is our birthright to know and experience true love embodied in a relationship, here on earth. 

Sacred union is a state of consciousness that can be lived in any relationship — with ourselves, with the earth, with our beloved, with dear friends and family members, or with a community. 

This state of Edenic consciousness, belonging, love and oneness opens us to incredible states of being and creativity, uniting us with the heart of life itself. 

▽ Descending into embodiment 

Through womb consciousness, we enter the feminine realm of life, which includes, honors and cherishes the body. 

Here, we come home to the mystery of our primordial self, the wilderness of our innocent sensuality, and the sacredness of our sexual life force. 

Movement, song, ritual, dance, and beauty offer us a space of connection, celebration, and communication with the unseen worlds. 

Through our embodiment we reconnect with the essential wisdom of the sacred feminine: rest, letting go, deep receptivity. Patient cultivation, harmony with nature and our inner rhythms. Play, relationship, community. 

And the knowledge of our creativity cycles — from conception to menstruation, through which we have the power to birth babies, but also to birth, dissolve and rebirth creative ideas, as well as aspects of ourselves, our lives, and our healing world. 

▽ Being in relationship with Earth 

Art by Maria de la Paz

Art by Maria de la Paz

Our earth is a living, feeling being. She sees us and supports us unconditionally on our great journey. The codes of creation and the living breath of her love are etched into every emanation of nature. Mother Earth holds us in her tender embrace and teaches us to reconnect to our instinct, to be grounded, to abandon the false matrix of the world to anchor into her womb of love, and to enjoy and cherish our humanity and our biology.

Gaia has traversed the epic journey of humanity with us, and we are evolving with her now. Her wisdom and her powerful love are our greatest allies, and she needs us to see the birth of new earth through. 

▽ Unveiling the feminine face of God 

Womb consciousness is the feminine frequency of God —  a living dimension of primordial innocence, sacred union that is lived here on earth, vibrations of joy, love and beauty, and experiences of abundance, interconnectedness, sensuality, and pleasure.

In ancient cultures, the womb was recognized, loved and honored as a life-giving, powerful, and utterly loving portal that exists within all living beings, as well as within the earth and the cosmos.

The womb was understood as the place of all creation —  where conception, gestation, birth, dissolution, death and rebirth happen. 

A great traumatic shift occurred along humanity's journey that caused an imbalance and later developed into a deifying of a distorted masculine energy at the expense of the feminine spirit, resulting in our modern day patriarchal culture. 

The rise of the sacred feminine in our era is a return to soulful, authentic relating, a homecoming into our bodies, and a reclaiming of our personal power. When our power and our love are married within, heaven on earth is born.

This inner revolution begins with awakening our womb, the throne of our power and soul Shakti.
Through the womb we are birthed and rebirthed, anointed in divine love, and through this opening we can usher the new earth. 

Art by Pamela Matthews

Art by Pamela Matthews

The return of Womb Consciousness is the greatest revolution happening on the planet at this time.
— Seren & Azra Bertrand
Jade Bertaud