Sacred Sexuality & Tantric Shadow

Art by Larissa Morais

Art by Larissa Morais


There is a massive movement happening worldwide revealing the predatory abuse and misuse of power that run rampant among the most influential institutions and companies, from the Me Too movement, the Harvey Weinstein scandal and its exposing of Hollywood's dark underbelly, to the sexual abuse scandal involving former Olympic doctor Larry Nassar, and the debunking of companies involved in such sexual abuse cover-ups like Amazon and Lululemon among others. 

This awakening is so important, as we become ready to see what used to be too uncomfortable and confronting to look at. We are now ready to see, and to feel.

While this undeniable truth about our collective wound comes to the surface, I find it vital that we also understand how the same energies operate in spiritual circles.

Our sexual energy IS our life force. It holds our unique essence, the pure, primordial, and utterly powerful expression of the soul. Our sexual energy is also our creative power, our power to magnetize, birth, commune, and co-create with life.

Somewhere along our collective evolution, a great trauma occurred that caused a separation from our sexual and soulful essence. 

This sacred and essential energy at the heart of our being has now been abused  and controlled for thousands of years. 

The grail wound on our beautiful planet is the abuse of life force energy. The devastating systemic misuse of our sexuality.

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Whether we are looking at our collective disempowerment in the face of worldly powers, or many of our many of our painful interpersonal dynamics, the root is in this loss of our Soul Shakti.

In recent decades we entered a “New Age” of spirituality that offers us the opportunity to relinquish worldly conditioning and programs that previously dictated how we should live and who we should be. 

Yet, I’ve found it fascinating that many New Age spiritual teachings are actually a different form of programming. Systems that also teach us how we should live and who we should be - unconditionally loving, forgiving, conscious, full of “light,” meditative, mindful, unconditionally accepting, open-hearted. 

Many of these systems contain the exact same seed of patriarchal conditioning, simply under a different disguise. We can see this in spiritual systems that teach us about ‘ascending’ our energy, revering a masculine spirituality that disconnects us from the body, from our root, and from the feminine realm of our emotions, feelings, and human nature. 

This type of ascension into a false light is encouraging a disassociation, taking us farther away from the power, love, and truth that live in our womb and hara, in the feminine crown of our pelvic bowl and genitals, and the incredible shamanic doorway that lives there. 

On the flip side, there’s also been a resurgence of tantric teachings, which, like many ancient traditions, have fragmented from their original essence. Today, we see a form of neo-tantra that has created an alluring, glamorous form of spirituality that uses sexual energy as a tool. 

Art by Ray Donley

Art by Ray Donley

I've run into this kind of energy over and over again in spiritual communities, events and classes around the world — everything looks right, from beautiful temple spaces, to charismatic, attractive spiritual teachers and wide-open spiritual students, but there is the sense of a disturbing presence in the room.

In these circles, whether consciously or not, sexual energy has become a tool, a form of power, that can be used to create an illusion, an appearance, to form a chemical attraction. Here, sexuality is used to manipulate, entice, magnetize and ultimately, have power over another. 

These environments are rich with intricate spiritual masks and charged sexuality that can create a sense of confusion, excitement, and intrigue.

Sexuality is powerful. Behind a veil of romanticized spirituality, shadow tantrikas, tricksters, and fallen teachers utilize their sexual and spiritual power to activate another by touching the unconscious wounds that lie in the psyche and sexual pathways.

Many of our core wounds and primal fears live within our sexual pathways, and are easily activated when we are aroused. 

When these core wounds and old traumas are activated, we can feel under the spell of a powerful energy, something overwhelming and electric that we can’t quite understand. This electric energy can sometimes be claimed as kundalini, love, or consciousness — yet it is often the activation of trauma in the body and psyche.

The frequency of Love, true love, is unmistakable. It feels pure, true, sacred, and deeply safe. 

We are in a time where the great collective initiation is the reclaiming of our power. Our personal power, our creative power, and most of all - reclaiming our lost Soul Shakti, the sexual and soulful essence of who we really are.

This reclaiming asks us to journey into our personal and collective Underworld, where we meet a terrible and devastating grief, the trauma of separation, and of an ancient loss we still unconsciously remember in our bodies. 

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

This ancestral grief can be so scary and overwhelming it can cause us to unconsciously remain on the surface of our soul and of our lives. Coming home to the loving power within our bodies and communing with our own soul instinct is the only thing that can help us to navigate these sometimes paradoxical, testing, and revealing initiations in love and power.

Cultivating a relationship with our womb or hara allows us to be loving, yet discerning; to be in relationship with others while in our power, to have a healthy and self-loving sense of boundaries, and to establish a solid and wise container that paves the way for true union. 

Power and love are twins that are meant to be married. True power is loving, and true love is embodied wisdom, intelligent and gentle yet wisely fierce when needed. 

Opening our hearts without being in our power causes us to be easily fooled and misled, disempowered, leaving the sacred, potent space of our womb or hara open to other energies. 

Awakening our womb or hara and sexual power without choosing to deeply heal our soul wounds and open our heart to true love can bring us down a path that is not in service to Love, and instead becomes another form of power.

Eventually, on the initiatory path of the Hero or Heroine’s Journey, we are asked to make the choice: do I choose Love above all else, come what may? Am I willing to journey through my grief and shadows, through my deepest pain and longings? Am I ready to see the truth of who I really am?

There is a realm of pure love awaiting us with open arms, benevolent, tender, and truth-giving, ready to help us reconnect with the lost parts of our being, and to guide us home to union. 

This primordial love is like a wise mother who tends to us with care and compassion, and gently brings us back into the holiness and safety of our bodies, into the simple and nourishing bounty of human relationship, and into the liberating living flow of nature. 

From within our bodies, we can begin to access a dimension where our sexuality is returned to its original innocence, opening the magic doorway to true communion.

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Jade Bertaud