Womb Awakening For Every Woman
A wise, instinctual creature who will take you where you’ve always wanted to go, and even beyond, into unseen realms and magical doorways of new possibility.-2.png

I’m Jade,

A Womb Priestess and initiate in the Grail lineage.

I’m passionate about supporting men and women to reclaim their womb and hara power, so they can root their consciousness into a source of love, creativity, and support beyond their wildest dreams.

I work with intuition, womb shamanism, dance, energy work, depth psychology, and the ancient ways of the feminine temples to create sacred spaces where women and men can flower naturally and awaken to their soul essence.

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I'm here to support you along your journey. From navigating challenges on your path, to unveiling your unique essence, and birthing your soul’s sacred desires into being. 


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Your authority is within you. 

Your knowing is within you.

Your feminine power is within you.

The magic of the entire universe is within you. 


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